Be Baptized

BAPTISM  (’bap-tiz-uhm)

Believers’ baptism is the immersion of a disciple into and out of water in response to Jesus’ command to do so. It is a symbolic act, which publicly identifies a disciple with Jesus and which pictures the symbolic death to an old life and the welcoming of a new life.



Will you consider being baptized?

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1. WHAT?

Believers’ Baptism is not infant baptism. It is neither opposite, nor the same. And one does not cancel out the other. If you were baptized as an infant or toddler, your parents made a faith decision for you. It was their faith decision, but it wasn’t your faith yet. Believers’ baptism is a decision of the believer for him or herself. It is their own faith decision because it is their own faith. We practice believers’ baptism as a personal decision as was the practice in the New Testament.

2. WHO?

Accordingly, believers’ baptism is not for just anyone, but it is for believing followers of Jesus. Does that describe you? Have you made a decision to become a follower of Jesus? If you are ready to make that decision now, click GET JESUS.  We believe that anyone of any age who hears the gospel, and then repents, believes, and follows Jesus, can be baptized.  But only a person who has become a Christ-follower should be baptized.

3. WHEN?

One will not find baptism anywhere in the Old Testament. But throughout the New Testament, we find many instances of baptism. In every case, the person is baptized after they put their faith in Jesus and become His follower. To be obedient to Jesus’ call for believers’ baptism, it is important to make sure you get a baptism on the right side of your faith commitment—it should come after. The order is very important because believers’ baptism is a public affirmation that you follow Jesus. Many decide to be baptized a second time because as they reflect on the time they actually made a faith commitment, they determine their baptism occurred at a time before.

4. HOW?

The word “baptize” in the Bible comes from the Greek language. The definition of the original word used by the biblical authors is “to immerse under,” and the word was commonly used in the everyday life of the first century–it was not strictly a religious word. So to baptize someone is to immerse them under water. Since the New Testament describes believers’ baptism as an identification with Jesus’ death, burial, and resurrection (Romans 6:3-4), it certainly makes sense to go under the water and then come up again.


We conduct Believer’s Baptism in the Sunday morning worship service at 10:30 AM, in the presence of the church, your friends, family, and anyone you may invite. The services when we observe baptism are the most beautiful, inspiring, and moving services of the year. We baptize to worship music played by the band while the congregation is singing. If you are baptized, you will not have to speak or be heard, but rather you will be seen. Your baptism will be like a sermon preached through a visual symbol–dying to your old self and being raised unto a new self in Jesus–as you go under and come up again. Because the Spirit of Jesus shows up in a very powerful way, your baptism will be the single most powerful message you will ever give… without even a word.

6. WHY?

The simplest reason to be baptized is because the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ tells His followers to be baptized. Making a public statement of your faith is very important to Him. So much so, that He promises to show up and “be with you” as you are baptized—as seen in the verse below. And in our experience of His presence during baptisms, Jesus always keeps His appointment. Have you experienced Jesus’ presence in baptism?

Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit… and I will be with you.

Jesus, Matthew 28:19, 20