Weekdays across San Antonio

At Mission Church, community groups are the expression of Jesus’s mission – to invite people into a life with Him. Our groups are designed for you to get connected to people inside our church in a laid-back environment. Each week will be an opportunity to discuss what is preached on Sunday morning, to make new friendships, and to challenge one another in your walk with Jesus. These mixed groups of adults & kids, single or married, gather in homes during the week throughout the city. 

During the summer months we have one large community group called Family Table. We will meet at our City Center location every Wednesday 6:30pm-8pm.

Discipleship Groups

Weekdays across San Antonio

When we look to the Scriptures for guidance we see very clearly in the New Testament the reality of being in community with one another. Another level of community we have at Mission Church is what we call Discipleship Groups. These are same gender groups of 3-4 people who commit to study the scriptures together, apply the scripture to their lives and minister to one another’s needs. This is an integral part of what we do at Mission Church and something that we encourage all of our people to get involved with.