Our History


You might say we have a miraculous beginning. Creatio ex nihilo is a Latin phrase used to describe how God created the cosmos from nothing but a word, “Let there be…” Creatio ex nihilo is translated into English as “created from nothing.” From nothing describes how God has created Mission Church: from nothing but a word from Him.

In 2007, God called Ryan and Megan Frazier to start a new church, from nothing—a church that would bring the gospel to San Antonio. After months of prayer and consideration, Pastor Ryan left his job on staff at a church in Houston and the Fraziers moved to San Antonio in faith. God used them to start Mission Church—a gospel-centered, missional church that would take big risks to reach people, hold high the name of Jesus, and multiply throughout the city.

Mission Church began with a series of backyard BBQs, new relationships in the community, and a small core group. The church moved from the Fraziers’ home to the back room of a local church to O’Conner high school to the Palladium movie theater where we meet today.



As Mission Church continues to grow, bringing the gospel to San Antonio and the world, God has brought many changes—but the vision has remained constant: We’re for Jesus and we’re for people, and it’s our joy to connect the two. Our mission is simple: to invite people into Life with Jesus.

In 2016, God called Pastor Ryan to step out of full-time vocational ministry. His transition coincided with the installation of an elder team led by three lay elders and two staff elders. These elders, along with the staff, deacons, and other leaders at Mission Church, seek God’s direction for Mission Church.

At the beginning of 2017, God called Pastor Tom Weaver to take over the role of Primary Preaching and Vision Pastor of Mission Church. Pastor Tom and his family are currently in the process of moving to San Antonio from McAllen, Texas in obedience to God’s call.

Whether you’re new to Mission Church or a long-time Partner, you are the beginning of Mission: the mission of God who can take any life that responds to the gospel and make something wonderful out of nothing.