Kendra’s Story

Kendra’s Life with Jesus began at a very early age.  Growing up in a Christian home, this seemed the most natural thing in the world.  At age four, she declared her life for Christ after hearing a radio broadcast.  It would mark the beginning of her journey with God.

Before Junior High, Kendra found herself and her family moving to a new church with new challenges.  The move also signaled a dramatic change in her home life: her father lost his job and her family began to fall apart.  Her view of God lost its child-like innocence.  Questions entered her mind: “Can I really trust God?….no I can only trust myself…”

It was then the seeds of doubt began to take root.

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After graduating from college Kendra began working as a travel nurse.  Over the next several years she lived all over the US, choosing a life where she only had to let people see what was on the surface and never deeper inside. Eventually Kendra found herself in San Antonio at Mission Church where she began to embrace the camaraderie of Community Groups.   Just as things were falling into place, Kendra lost her job and had to continue traveling.  All she could feel now was frustration at the God she trusted; didn’t He want her to be in community?  Didn’t He want her to be happy?  Eventually Kendra reached North Carolina.

It was here that she encountered a man that would change her life.

One night while making her rounds, a co-worker let Kendra know one of her patients was walking the halls.  Despite her efforts to help him, the patient became erratic.  Things escalated quickly when the patient pulled a knife out, threatening to kill her if she didn’t do what he wanted.

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Despite fearing for her life, Kendra was able to escape when an alarm sounded.  Physically she was fine, but inwardly she was crushed.  “How could God let this happen!?” echoed in her thoughts.

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When she returned home those inwards thoughts became outward action.  Screaming, cussing at God.  Calling him a liar, she declared her relationship with Him OVER.  Screaming matches began to occur daily, as well as exercising to the point of exhaustion.  Days would pass without eating, which led to her body’s total collapse. Awaking one night on the floor of her hotel room, she dared God to make Himself known.  What happened next was the answer to her dare. A phrase from a song entered her head: “God is good all time and all the time God is good.”  Kendra was broken.  Looking back, she could see how God had been guiding her steps from the very beginning and protecting her from her own efforts at control—patiently bringing her to a place where all her fears and questions could be answered in simple surrender to the God who had loved her and cared for her through it all.

Kendra knew that she could not walk away from God again. 

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In time she returned to San Antonio and to Mission Church, arriving with a renewed trust in God.  Despite her lingering fears, she was able to connect with several women in a Community Group.  Slowly but surely, God was stripping away her fear over what had happened in North Carolina.  In community, trust and faith were restored.  In community, she found new life with Jesus.

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