Lead Pastor

In the beginning of 2017, God called Pastor Tom Weaver to lead Mission Church. Pastor Tom has been a faithful leader and church planter in the Acts 29 Network since 2007, planting a church in McAllen, Texas that grew to three campuses. Through a season of prayer and deliberation, Pastor Tom and his family became confident that God has called them to move to San Antonio and Mission Church. Pastor Tom joins a team of lay and staff elders who seek the will of God for the direction of Mission Church.

 What Is Mission Church About?

At Mission Church we want to be known for a few things. These are not trendy, or new, but they are pieces that impact us as individuals, build our families, and define us as Christ’s body, the local church.

1. We love scripture

The Bible is God’s holy word, and at Mission Church we want to proclaim it from the pulpit on Sunday, teach it in our community groups during the week, and model it in our relationships. God reveals Himself to us from Genesis to Revelation and gives us every answer to all questions we may have. We value it and are under its authority. Scripture should be revered as God’s word and obeyed as His commands.

2. We love community

Jesus Himself was in radical community. He not only was raised in a small community with four brothers and at least two sisters that we know of, but lived a quiet life among others until He was 30 years old. At that time, he began ministry and lived with 12 disciples constantly for 3+ years. His humanity, albeit, perfect humanity was evident in his relationship with these men and others: sometimes tense, hard in moments, scary, and life changing. Community is where we as God’s children learn to love one another as Christ has loved us.

3. We love discipleship

Jesus’ disciples were not easy men. Let’s be honest: they got on Jesus’ last nerve. Thank goodness He was God! Jesus hung in there with them. He taught them. He was patient with them. He explained things to them..over and over again. Matthew 28 commands us to disciple people in the way of Jesus. At mission this takes on three different forms:

Corporate discipleship: Sunday gatherings. Learning from the preached word of God.

Peer-to-Peer discipleship: Community Groups during the week. A reiteration of Sunday’s scripture, and a gathering of people to share a meal and their lives together.

One-on-one discipleship: An individual meeting with one or a few same sex folks for the purpose of in depth, teaching, and encouragement.


If you are interested in these things, and feel God calling you to understand Him better, come join us at Mission Church this Sunday. Let’s be about King Jesus together!

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