Coaching and Training

Are you a church planter? We offer church planters 6-month coaching relationships in pre-launch fundamentals and gospel heart development.

10 Fundamentals of Pre-Launch

  • Clarifying your Calling & Articulating your Vision
  • Applying Demographics and Psychographics Strategy
  • Developing a Prayer Strategy
  • Determining Ministry Philosophy & Model
  • Developing an Action Plan & Project Management Skills
  • Creating a Winning Prospectus
  • Recruiting Financial Partners
  • Living as a Missionary to the Culture
  • Starting & Growing a Launch Team / Missional Core
  • Leading Yourself & Your Family

Gospel Heart Development

  • Practicing the art of listening to the Holy Spirit
  • Preaching the Gospel to yourself
  • Applying the Gospel to your emotional life

Using biblical measurements to measure progress

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Residency Program

Are you planning to launch and need church planting experience? We offer a residency program for qualifying church planters. In our customizable 6, 9, or 12 month residency, you will learn through training and experience:

  • The Mechanics of Portable Church
  • Team Leadership & Team Building
  • The First 7 Minute Experience
  • The 8 Systems of a Growing Church
  • Porterbrook Theological & Ministry Equipping
  • 10 Fundamentals of Pre-Launch
  • Discovering & Building around your Personality, Strength, & Gifts


All resident planters are self-funded and function as full-time staff members, serving in leadership rotations of up to four different areas of ministry, and participate in all staff and leadership meetings during their residency.

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