Get Connected

As Mission Church continues to grow and expand our Gospel reach, we are consistently seeking ways to equip leaders and empower partners to take greater ownership in the mission of our church. One way that we do this is by using an information and communication software that we call Mission Belong. On Mission Belong, you can connect with other people at Mission Church, find out about Community Groups, get notified about upcoming events, and more.


YOUR NEXT STEPS:  Here are the next steps you can take today as you get plugged into Mission Belong:

1.  Go to our website: and  click “Sign Up.”

2.  Follow the steps to activate your account.

3.  Go to your personal email account and find the Mission Belong email; follow the instructions.

4.  Once logged in, explore and discover the features and functions at your own pace.

5.  Update your profile picture and contact information, specifically your cell phone & network carrier.

6.  Make sure your “Communication Settings” are set to receive new items from the groups you are part of and setup your phone to receive text messages from group leaders.